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Smilymukta Ghoshal: My Mission is To Create Sustainable Green World For Better Future.

   Well Known as “GLOBAL ICON” with multiple global awards as Green Initiative Leader, Positive Role Model, Top Women Entrepreneur, 100 Inspirational Women, Global Glory Icon, Best Green Initiative Leader, Top Women n Bzns, Women’s World Record, Intl Women Icon 2021 to name a few as the list goes on with Many Humanitarian & Global Peace Award as well.
Meet SmilyMukta G, an outstanding woman who proves that women are unstoppable!

Mission-Driven Passionpreneur

  An Indo-American, Plant Biologist, Based in Dallas,  USA, an Ex Corporate over 12 years as Corporate Business Trainer plugged in her Childhood Passion as Nature Lover .following Nature Path & influenced by Ayurvedic Heritage starting own “Green Beauty line”  Natural Beauty Customized Skin & Hair Products, a Self Driven Micro Unit Aiming Community Benefits to provide an alternative to all synthetic products & FOCUS on a continuous mission to encourage people worldwide to Go Green & introducing natural products with a vision to create a natural world away from all synthetics. Stand to inspire all to rise & shine through her inspirational journey staying positive & believe in herself leading a successful entrepreneur today …from Go Green Passionpreneur to Global Green Icon”.
Her continuous effort “Bringing Nature Back to our Modern Busy Lifestyle” & passion for protecting mother earth’s environmental awareness by encouraging people to plant more trees to add oxygen & carbon sequestration, increase recycling. 
Future for everyone to live Healthy Lifestyle Naturally🌿.She believes that there’s no need for any synthetic products when nature has given us abundance in its purest form. But we all are obsessed to run after marketing gimmicks products knowingly damaging ourselves, hence her focus is to keep encouraging people to stand herself as a role model believing ” Natural Beauty is the Best Make up for a lifetime to cherish n decades”

Here are some edited excerpts that we had from the interview –

1)  Please let us know briefly about your journey.
Passion is a powerful force to set up the mind to accomplish anything with strong determination. Yes, that’s me, Mission Driven Passionpreneur to Global GREEN ICON.
Guess my journey started from my childhood passionate about making my skin and hair care products with natural herbs/fruits/flowers, which kept growing up with me after all along with completing my Education as a Plant biologist (research with plants). Following the nature path & deeply inspired by Ayurvedic heritage nurturing with plants and being close to nature & kept my vision board ready to create my own Green Beauty line one day to encourage people to use Natural ingredients to stay healthy following my natural path.

2) How & when did you decide to start Natural beauty?
  While being in Corporate line as Business Trainer serving MNC and moving out of the country to various South Asian countries, I kept noticing that every single person suffering from Skin and Hair issues and desperately looking to fix covering with synthetic marketing gimmick products which do no good rather bring damage to your bloodstream which we often ignore till we get the damage while speedy ageing process. Understanding the fact of busy modern life that we all look for quick-fix resulting in Quick damage.
However, my deep thoughts and research and experimenting with new products making kept me going with in-depth study, attending workshops, seminars self-study, and self-testing, converting my kitchen to a small lab deeply focused. It was a kind of habit as I was so deep into the mindset of getting started with no wait to introduce my green beauty line soon making me more focused and wait for the right opportunity to open my Vision Board which was all ready.
After moving to Dallas, the USA in 2013, to the land of opportunity I gave a final thought & decided that enough of my corporate life, now is the time to take charge of my ever awaiting dream to bloom. Devoted my day and night to execute my dream to open my Own Green Beauty line after deep study & scaling up with associated degrees and finally in 2016, I formed my company as  Natural Beauty Organic Skin and Haircare customized products in Dallas & started spreading the word around & slowly with Word of Mouth started getting a knock at my door.

3) Describe the industry challenges (the prevailing problems your products will solve) you’re attempting to address with Natural beauty.
Well, it has not been an easy journey when there are tons of Organic Brands around, I mean it’s quite a bit of a challenge but I kept myself strong focused, and believe in Myself “ I can & I will”. Started Promoting thru social Media, in my limitation. As I never formed Natural Beauty to make it a big Brand just like others to jump-start on profit-making rather focus to serve under limitations as a single-handled unit as to focus each query with regular f/up & never leave unfinished till client satisfaction which is what Is the best reward I cherish at the end of the day versus multiplying clients & always ready Attending Events, Encouraging people GOING GREEN drive through Webinars, Sessions, knocking from Pillar to Post, distributing flyers to every Community Events to my best of ability with Positivity that “ My brand may be Small but my Mission & Vision is Big” to Contribute Community benefits with Purpose of Bringing Nature back to Beauty” in Modern Busy life with my own Freshly Made Products right at your doorstep its like fresh food for your Skin and Hair just for individual skin and hair 100% Natural packed with natural goodness. Challenges were there, but I took every challenge faced confident & act wisely to every downfall circumstances to act wisely smilingly. For me, each client’s satisfaction is my turnover.

5) What tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?
My every session, Stage time only focus stands to Inspire People as I have been very transparent in my unique concept in Dallas- Natural Beauty Skin & Haircare Kitchen rather than lab or shelving the products.
Putting myself as a Role Model to age gracefully from the same kitchen using the Fresh products stands confident to age with Radiant Skin & Healthy Hair. Remaining very transparent to every formulation showing the fresh handpicked herbs grown on my small farm and infusion process till finished product with no-frill and fancy. Focusing the fact in our modern busy life, we are so much obsessed with branded products ignoring the damage in long run. I believe there is no need for any synthetics when nature has given us in abundance, hence my Role is to Inspire All. Hence such a unique one of a kind to spread that Skin & Haircare kitchen in Dallas to make the fresh products that your skin & hair needs just the way your body needs the fresh nutrients. Each online sessions are deeply interactive to show the difference between the shelved & fresh Products packed with all-natural goodness in the most potent form. Bonus deliver to your doorstep.

6) What’s the Secret sauce of your Success & how do u measure your Numerous Accolades from Go Green Passionpreneur to Global Icon.
Today with all almighty God & well-wishers around the Globe and above all Blessings of Parents I stand as a “Global Icon- Green Queen”- Woman of Substance. Unstoppable She # Positive Change Maker# Green Icon# Intl Motivational Speaker# Green Star Leader# Global Glory #Green Initiative Leader…. just to name a few though all are Evident on my Facebook page which is daily uploaded with ongoing Recognition for which I remain humble to each platform honouring my Merit of Hard work to support my Passionate journey to create a Natural World away from synthetics to stay healthy naturally.
Guess it’s the least effort as a Passionpreneur If I stand to Inspire all standing myself as a Role Model “ Natural Beauty is the Best Make up for a lifetime to cherish n decades which never fades away rather make you stand confident to age gracefully as Face is the Mirror of Mind. So make your skin a canvas to shield from any chemicals and stay radiant confidently dreaming big but can miss small.

7) How do you plan to grow in the future?
My Mission is to contribute to serving the community to my best ability rather than profit-making. I believe that Every individual has talent try to pursue your passion and make the best of every situation grab the opportunity, remain positive, focused, dream big within your limitation, plant your dream remaining focused, water with positivity and let it bloom to rise and shine with a Vision and Mission to Serve to Contribute. Not to copy others or create Impression on Social Media, be what you are, Try to Crown and respect what you are, “I can and I will”,
I have a dream to open a wellness centre rather ” Nature cure Centre” attached with a small herb garden with the support from all if I get to provide all-natural treatments under 1 roof for all age groups & exceptionally seniors to provide free aromatherapy and nature cure treatments.
8) What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
Nowadays all are copying others on social Media rather leave an Impact for all to follow which is what I practice.
  “Be Inspired to Inspire Others.”
Today I stand not only as a Global Icon but I followed my In-depth Passion scaling to Earn as an International Motivational Speaker on Natural Lifestyle, Certified Coach, Mentor – Personality, Grooming, Leadership skills, Acting Ambassador to Various Institutions with a Vision on my Continuous Mission to Create Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle with Peace, Love and Humanity.

9) Describe the industry challenges (the prevailing problems your products will solve) you’re attempting to address with Natural beauty.
My continuous Mission is to provide Natural Alternative & a positive focus on community benefits. I want people to encourage usage of Natural Ingredients/ Natural Products away from materialistic stuff & empower women on Staying focused & Positive & Stand as Role models to Inspire all to Rise and Shine. My vision is to create a natural world around us away from all marketing synthetic products”. Bringing all Close to Nature”. As I believe present is important but future is too important to live healthy Going Green.
“I have a dream to expand if I get the support from all. To prove my in-depth Passion for Protecting Mother Earth and environmental Awareness by Encouraging people to plant more trees to Add Oxygen & Carbon sequestration, increase recycling. My mission is to encourage people worldwide to go natural because it’s good karma.

10 ) What’s the USP of  Natural Beauty Products? & how is it resolving?
As explained above, it’s one of a Kind “ #1NaturalBeauty” Skin & Hair Kitchen lab where (skin &Hair food)i.e. Products are made with handpicked herbs, Made fresh daily after consultation, for individual skin and hair needs, no preservatives or artificial fragrance added, Complete food your Skin & Hair crave for. Eco-friendly Bottled & hand-labeled & dropped off locally, the bonus is that made by my Expert hands and bottled with my Positive vibes .in my Own Kitchen Lab.
I’m delighted to share that each of my products can transform & following my advice, result in a noticeable difference in a few applications as We feed your Skin & Hair with Natures’ Goodness.

11) How can people benefit outside the USA? How is Natural beauty making a difference to a global audience?
Keeping in mind the overwhelming responses across Globe, we have started the 30Day Skin & Haircare Programme where people across the Globe can Enroll to get the benefit of 4 Zoom sessions with me which is kind of an interactive project u can say which covers: Consultation. Identifying the right ingredients. Product making. Storage & application guidance.

12) Are your products made for All?
Yes, for men, women, teenagers, and seniors for all age groups. Above all Very Safe as “Natural & Fresh” packed with Benefits to feeding the right nutrients just like fresh food versus frozen or packed food.

13) Are they safe for kids too?
Yes, As we believe Nature’s Goodness is the most potent form. We don’t shelve rather make Fresh to deliver the right nutrients to feed your skin and hair. It’s like Fresh food to Feed your skin and hair the way u feed your body with nutrients. Highlighting the fact the way each body’s physiology is different, skin & Hair is different too, hence each of our products is customized to individual needs after the Consultation and following the questionnaire understanding the body type, allergic reactions & any underlining issues. Because we care for you more than you care for yourself. Overall under all safety guidelines.

14) What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?
Always have a strong determination and courage to face all hurdles thus being ready to ride on all bumpy roads. Never shift your focus to look back rather always stay positive, focused to Serve with pleasure. It’s quite a bit of a hurdle today to make a Brand with limited resources But one should have a strong hope & Determination to succeed one day. Never let your inner fears pull you down. Staying focused and Positive is the key to success.
Chase your Dream. Run after your Goal, not money. As Reward will be announced as you step courageously facing all hurdles Smilingly with no regret. Always grace yourself & honour for whatever contribution at the end of the day if you cud do.

15) What’s the Secret sauce of your Success?
Trust me it’s my Passion, Self Motivation, Determination that “I can and I Will”. Above all “Remain Positive” facing every hurdle with a smile and waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. I grace every moment to cherish.